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Dot Dot Dot - Animated Dot Dot Dot - Animated

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Epic storytelling at it's best!

Well done guys! I couldn't stop laughing beacuase you guys did a fantasic job.
Although, despite the misspellings, he does have a point.

Bloody Sundae Bloody Sundae

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sundae Bloody Sundae

Really great job with this one. :]
The animation is smooth and the voice acting really was up to par.
I thought the ending to be a little predictable, but nonetheless this was funny as hell. c:

The Body Count The Body Count

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very enjoyable. :]

I found this very well done. :D I hope your assignment goes well. I'll admit- I love your style. The animation was really smooth, and the overall design and expression of each character made the flash all the more better.

And the fact Rod was making fun of Wendy- ahaha. :]
Chicken Cannon- I lol'd.
Humor- Is dry and silly, but grade A.

This really did kind of remind me a bit of Anchorman in the silly humor, dispute between Rod and Wendy, and the news studio theme. But hey, Anchorman is great, so with that I was just overall much happier with it.

The only tid bit of criticism I have- is a little more work on the voice acting. A little more enthusiasm could really push this entire thing over the edge. :]

Overall, excellent work. :D Hope to see more!

P.S. For some reason, I can't get the idea of this being on Adult Swim out of my head. Brownie points for the assignment? Ahaha. :]

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks talkative!

The New Guy The New Guy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I find this,

More entertaining than The Office.
(This is how it should be done)

Great job on the animation. The music was good also. :D

In Solitude In Solitude

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well done.

I really did enjoy watching this. Although it kinda made me upset. With combination of the music, and just the overall pain of solitude of the characters, it was a little bit of a downer. But the music was beautifully done, as was the animation.

I feel the erasing parts could have been animated a little smoother, but other than that it was just great.

Great work on this beautiful piece. c:

If you seek... If you seek...

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Potential is evident.

Like others have said- you can draw. Very well at that. The thing is it's a little slow. :x Just increase the FPS a little more and it'll look more fluid. c:

I also would suggest having a little more practice with proportions and perspective.

The story is very cute, but it just leaves me with a few questions. Such as, did this guy know this girl? Was he purposely trying to look for her specifically, or just anyone (for love)? Which also goes to the diner scene, which left me a little confused. Was that just a place for him to look? Or did it have any more relevance?

And the music? Good choice. c: It really seemed to fit the overall tone of the animation.

Now, I only give harsh(er) reviews to animations and games I really have interest in and care for the development of. c: I see lots of potential here, just fix up a few things and it can be great. <3 8/10, 4/5

My Little PWNY My Little PWNY

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You should consider changing the title

To "My Little Pwny"
Ahhahaha but yea. This pretty much made me lol. Nice job on the animation. c: Wasn't too crazy on the sound quality, but that's also what made it funny ahaha.

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Hulalaoo responds:


Mad Mad Mario Mad Mad Mario

Rated 4 / 5 stars

And thus,

Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario Kart.
Overall, the animation was well done, and the script was just lowlzy. great job. C:


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Friendly, Suggestive Criticisim

Now, I'll be quite blunt. I had a hard time watching this. I actually stopped the first time after that guy rides the tornado- but then soon came back to watch it again to give the full-out review you deserve.

It may be the fact I haven't seen the other episodes before, (most likely lowl) but it seemed kinda hard to follow. Such as, why did the BLT brothers appear? (Maybe did I just mishear something?)

Also, the jokes seemed kinda, forced. And I noticed many other reviews have said that as well. (And by forced jokes, one that really struck me was the Tom Pulp gag) Sometimes the funniest parts of shows and cartoons are parts that weren't even expected. So just try not to put to much effort into being funny- otherwise, it won't be.

The drawing style didn't bother me at all, but something I couldn't help but notice were that some scenes I could notice a little tweening. (Not that there's anything wrong with tweening, it's just the more you don't use it the more you can improve your over all animation skills.) And I mean, I've seen animations were the whole thing is tweening, maybe I was just a little more bothered by it in this case was because at first it seemed like you weren't trying to tween, which kinda makes those tweened scenes look a little half assed. (And not to mention, don't think I didn't notice how some scenes were and weren't shaded.)

And one more point that struck me- was the voice acting. The thing I suggest with that is make the voicing a little louder. The little added in sound effects seemed to be louder than the actual voice overs. And also- maybe a little more enthusiasm in the voices of the characters?

And one last thing. Don't take criticisms too much too heart. <3 I mean, I sure as hell am not some kinda hot shot critic. xD Just please don't take offense to my suggestive criticism. I didn't want it to be. xD I just see a lot of potential in your animation and with a little improvement it could be great! :] (And all I was trying to do was give some friendly advice. xD) I'll give you a 6/10. Just keep on animating! C: I hope to see great things come from you. ;] [6/10]


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tacobuttfish responds:

Yes, a lot of things, actually almost everything will not make sense without seeing them all. Thanks though for taking the time to break down your review and explain everything. We'll most certainly continue animating because we're nowhere near where we want to be. Everything is a work in progress at this point and once we hit our sweet spot we'll probably have to go back and redo the ones prior to match with the later episodes. Also, please keep in mind that we are on a tight deadline for these giving us just a little over 15 days to comlete an episode that has to run between 5-10 minutes each, so we take a few shortcuts here and there and try to judge where the shortcuts will take the least effect of the overall work. Our voice acting will improve too as we're definitely not voice actors by any means but the reason we're doing this project requires everything to be done in-house. But you'll see the animation, story, voice acting, art, everything improve as the series goes! Thanks for checking it out and for the good reasonable criticism, that's how we grow!

-Taco Buttfish.

Mario Kart DeStruction Mario Kart DeStruction

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I hate it when that happens! XD

But I've seen worse. (Of course it didn't happen to me, but I so happened to cause it. ;D ) Such as, firing 3 red shells at some chick who was just inches away from the finish line. :D And running over Jesus in Mario Kart Wii. lowls.

Overall, I thought it was very funny and cute. :D I wasn't too much a fan of the voice overs though, resulting in that 1 less star.

But otherwise, great work. c: May I hope to see more mario flashes from you? :D